Since I was a child I’ve always felt very connected with nature, I used to: play under the blackberry trees, to climb avocado and flamboyant trees, to fish tilapia, to have adventures riding my bike, to suck sugar cane, to play with crickets and frogs, to run from geese, and much more. However, up to today one of my favourite activities is when I am in the sea,especially when I’m surrounded by the green mountains of Mata Atlântica. It is hard to put it in words, but it is as if I’m a cell of GAIA*, I’m part of it, actually we all are, but it seems that we have forgotten. Men affirm that we are “rational animals”, it feels that we are more like a cancer cell to GAIA.

For feeling so connected and for loving our beautiful Home Earth, I feel uncomfortable with what we are doing to it. So I decided to have a job that would make a difference in this world, in 2004, I graduated from a course in Environmental Management (the first of its kind in Brazil), the course was excellent and it had a great influence on my professional and personal life. After the course I decided to explore/backpack around the world for five years, during this period I met many people and places with completely different cultures from mine. Consequently, my view on the planet changed since I realised how great is the diversity of places and people.

It is worth mentioning that in this period, due to my passion for the planet, I tried to always have consistent attitudes with my way of thinking. I ended up influencing people who I lived with during these gap years. I realised that influenced them due to speeches like “I stopped using straw to avoid using plastic!”, “I bought a new device to allow us to monitor our electricity usage, I intend to avoid wasting energy.”, “Carolina, what can we do to make our business more sustainable? “. These statements have emerged spontaneously after my interaction with these people, proving that it is possible to promote a more sustainable life through small gestures.

Anyway, in 2009 I returned to Brazil and I needed to support myself financially and since my resume in the environmental area was not well accepted due to my gap years I found myself teaching English. Fortunately I discovered a beautiful vocation, more than that, I found out, like Nelson Mandela believed that education is the most powerful weapon to change this world. Three years later, in 2012, I started a Pedagogy course, I intend to become an Eco-Educator.

I am currently living in England on a personal e professional research project, I am exploring ways to apply ecoliteracy in children and teachers education. In the last six months I’ve seen wonderful projects and met amazing people. I found out that sometimes we need to get out of our time and energy demanding routine,  to have a panoramic view and find all the good and interesting things happening around us, but we couldn’t  see … because we were trapped by the time consuming routine!  I’m truly happy to have a panoramic view!

I want to share my ideas and thoughts through this blog. I would love to hear your ideas too!

* Mother(Planet) Earth.