In the past few years I started not enjoying Christmas as I used to.  The energy consumption increases in many countries, and it isn’t  just due to the winter, in the case of the Northern countries, but due to the lights and other “Christmas” devices which you can find pretty much everywhere, consuming the planet’s natural resources as if they were unlimited. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about the consumption of these resources? What are we decorating? Or are we covering?

The energy consumed is not only the Christmas “lights” used to decorate the houses and cities, but also the one used to make all the goodies produced specifically for this time of the year, like decorations, or  wrapping paper, which will be discarded straight after the gifts are opened. Disposable, this should be the name of the transition era that we are experiencing: DISPOSABLE, in which almost nothing is repaired, but discarded and replaced.

I am not sure if it’s because I’m in London this Christmas, but I have never been more sensitive in December. What I observe around me is shopping, shopping and shopping; so I recall my previous post: What’s wrong with us? Increasing energy consumption, just when we were warned to decrease it dramatically and immediately!? I’m also impressed with the amount of fresh trees that people buy, I am aware that the plastic tree is not sustainable if used for less than 20 years, but millions of “Christmas Trees” were produced and chopped only in England, to decorate homes for an average of 20 days !? Shouldn’t Christmas be a celebration of love? Where is the love with our beautiful planet at this time? What about the compassion with the less fortunate ones?

At Christmas time the charity projects do raise more funds, but how much does a person donates in proportion to what they spend on Christmas gifts / goods? Think about it! Do we need all these gifts or do we want? I’m not excluding myself from all this reflection,  however  I do try to walk my talk.  It is a constant fight with myself and the system, trying to think about the local and global effects of my choices.

Anyway, this post was a way of expressing in words my feelings about the impact of Christmas on me and more than that on the Planet! Being away from my home and family, I have more time to think, and the more I study and look at the facts, the more I realize that capitalism makes no sense and makes us prisoners. While this system continues, the world will not change for better.

Do you NEED or do you WANT?

Define Necessity

Christmas was originally the celebration of the birth of “God  Sun” Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere). In fact, in different cultures there are myths about the birth of several entities, on 25 December. More information can be found on the internet or in the controversial movie Zeitgeist the movie.

May East ponders a Christmas which doesn’t make money, but celebrates cultural, spiritual and ecological diversity: