Last weekend July 18th & 19th I was fortunate to be able attend the Seed Festival in Hawkwood College in Stroud. I was very excited to go for people who inspire me would be there.

I’m going to just briefly write about my personal experience at this wonderful event highlighting the talks/workshops that I experienced.  Just reminding that English is not my first language so bear with the language flaws.

I need to start with a Satish Kumar reflection on the word “seed”, he reminded us about how it holds life. He illustrated his thought with the example of the apple tree which is so abundant in the UK (whereas in India is the mango), every apple has many seeds, each one of them can grow its very own tree providing delicious apples for many years. It is the miracle of life, one seed holds the power to provide apples for an eternity.

That is the reason why Vandana Shiva and so many other people are fighting for the right of the seed, the right of life. Inspired by her, for the first time since I was a child, I started growing my own vegetables in my balcony, I was impressed how easy and rewarding it is growing our own food. It does reconnect us with life in its most basic and yet complex form.

This thought links to Charles Eisenstein book. He also was at the festival and every one was waiting to his talk including me, however I had just had such a nice meal and a local beer, the sun was shining and I snoozed instead of listening to his full speech. Anyhow, I started reading his book “Sacred Economics” which I really recommend and he says that scarcity is an illusion created by money, so people use the pretext of this false scarcity to accumulate more “bloody” money.

Pam Warhurst, creator of Incredible Edible, explained what according to her is the project of her life: how without money she transformed a town’s self-esteem and economy by planting edible and flower gardens wherever she could. Many other projects were born from her project. Also demystifying the lie of scarcity ARISE the documentary was screened at the festival, telling us stories about extraordinary woman, like Pam Warhurst,  around the world who are making the difference and fighting for the right of the EARTH, our mother.  Satish Kumar reminded us that we have to develop the feminine  side of our planet which is still imbalanced for its too dominant masculine side.

I also attended to the Laughter workshop by Joe Hoare, it was a series of exercises that made us sweat, it made the participants more relaxed and comfortable with each other presence, I can say that we were happier by the end of the session and wanting to celebrate life. All sort of communities should start their days with these practices suggested by Joe.

After that I tried my first raw cupcake by Juiciful Café which was delicious and nurturing different from most of cupcakes available in most of supermarkets and shops. We also listened to Sura Susso and brothers sipping an organic chilled cider and enjoying the sun rays warming our faces. It was a delightful day. We didn’t stay for the night but I heard it was great like many talks/workshops that I missed.

The opening of the event by Jonathan Porrit made me notice how Labour Party, in Brazil as well, lost its identity, I might have gotten wrong what he meant as I am not from here, but that is what I understood and immediately related to what is happening in Brazil right now. It seems it is all the same, most (not all) politicians instead of representing the people they represent the interest of companies. Bloody capitalism!

Being an educator and being here with the hope of taking my experience with nice projects to Brazil, I also attended a nice workshop by a woman from NZ who told us how to create weather stations with children in schools and how to relate them to the flora around the school, keeping the recordings for years and comparing them. Such an important knowledge taken for granted in the majority of schools.

There were many talks/workshops that I missed but the festival accomplished its mission, it did indeed planted some seeds inside myself and my husband’s hearts. We were inspired and touched by the festival. The energy flowing around it was great and contagious. To be honest, I have been really waking up from the “lie I used to live in” during the past year. I have been always passionate about my mother Earth, like so many other people but there are so many lies told and imposed to us that depending the sort of environment we are brought up it can take quite a while to wake up, if we do.

I will end up this sharing with some teachings from Satish.   I will try my best to unconditional love others like the apple tree loves all living beings in this planet. I am going to give my life to trust and serve my beautiful planet by being a role model and by sharing my knowledge with primary school educators/facilitators in Brazil and spreading love seeds.


I would love to hear from you with more seeds, ideas, critics…


Links: ( I watched this documentary available clicking on this link, it is well worth if you haven’t seen it) Sacred Economics available on PDF.  I forgot to mention about the Inner Transition workshop that I went to, it inspired me and I am definitely going to attend the Conference in September.