This is my first post, hopefully the first of many! I would like to remind you guys that English is not my first language so there will flaws. The most important thing is to get the message across.

I’ve decided to create this blog to practice writing texts and at the same time share my ideas about the current state of our beautiful planet and what can be done to live sustainably. The word sustainability comes from the Latin “sustentare”, ie, sustain / maintain balance.

Unfortunately, despite warnings related to the consequences of social and environmental problems, the same system that causes these problems, continues today. I agree with Genebaldo Freire when he exposes that we still maintain the unsustainable in favor of immediate interests. The climate is getting more and more hostile, people are stressed; disturbed by competition, poverty, violence and insecurity that has settled; along with the constant disrespect to human dignity and health. Most of people accept this situation as unfightable. The unacceptable is trivialized.

Like Nelson Mandela, I believe from the bottom of my heart, that education is the most powerful weapon/tool we can use to change the world, to reestablish its equilibrium.

We need to empower our children and adolescents so that they are able defend themselves from the irrationalism of the current system. We must create in schools, an emotional bond with nature, so students can observe the reality and perhaps be motivated to apply their knowledge to the redesign new technologies and a new system; thereby decreasing the gap between our current lifestyle and a sustainable society.

I would like to end this post with the following question: Do you think teachers being trained/prepared to facilitate this reflection in schools? And you as parents, are you promoting this reflection in your house?