Inspiring people!

Today, when I was getting ready to sleep after a conversation with my father about the visit of Vandana Shiva to Schumacher College, I decided that I would write posts about inspiring people. Why?

Inspiring people teach, motivate and give us strength to continue to fight for what we believe. They might be well-known by the public or maybe not, but they are important for our own history!

My intention with these posts on inspiring people is to learn more about these enlightened human beings, their ideals and struggles. You will also end up knowing more about  me and you will too be able to teach me. Let’s exchange knowledge / information?

Vandana Shiva was the chosen one for the first post on inspiring people.

I still remember my first contact with her, through her book “Biopiracy: the plunder of nature and knowledge” that compares patenting indigenous / traditional people’s knowledge as a second arrival of Columbus, and is not it? I had just worked with an indigenous tribe from Acre (Brazil) who have always used a brew called Ayahuasca in their rituals, and her book mentioned that this brew had been patented by an American company. The patent was revoked! Nevertheless, Dr. Shiva calls our attention explaining that “Patents are still a way to protect this piracy of the Non-Western Peoples’ wealth as a right of Westerners.  Resisting biopiracy is the final resistance to colonization of life itself. By genetic engineering, and patents, new colonies are established. The land, the forests, the rivers, the oceans and the atmosphere have all been colonized, depleted and polluted. The capital now has to look for new colonies to be invaded and exploited, to continue the process of accumulation. These new colonies are, in my opinion, the internal spaces of the bodies of women, plants and animals.. ” She got my attention with her ideas. Since then I have never forgotten it!

Who is Vandana Shiva?


Vandana Shiva was born on November 5, 1952 in Dehradun in India.  She graduated in physics and she completed and received her PhD in the philosophy of science in 1978.In the 80s she left academic life to actively participat of what became known as the Chipko Movement of Women, formed mostly by women who adopted the tactic of hugging trees to prevent them from being felled. She is also author of numerous books, today she dedicates herself entirely to political activism, to feminist causes and protecting the planet. She believes in knowledge of traditional peoples, in organic agriculture and seed protection as a way to restore Earth democracy.

This beloved and enlightened person on Earth has a language that is understood by us all: clear, objective and powerful. She mentions in Navdanya’s website “I’ve been trying to be the change I want in the world.” And in my opinion, she is doing a great job, inspiring millions of people to fight for the same causes.

You can get familiar with her work visiting the Bija Vidyapeeth (University Earth) one of her “Learning Centers” in India, I’ve been there and it was unforgettable, there are courses, internships and volunteering opportunities. Discover more about it on this link:

There is much information about this GAIA warrior, I encourage you to research more, let her inspire you too, it is well-worth it, believe me! Search about Vandana Shiva on the internet, read at least one of her books, or follow the links: the site and to watch the documentary)

By reading one of his books, exploring one of the links above and watching the documentary, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to “be the change you want to see in the world”.

Thank you dear Vandana Shiva for inspiring me and “opening my mind”!