It took me a while to write my third post because I was involved in organizing the “People’s Climate March” in São Paulo. I used all my free time trying to take as many people as I could to the streets. This event happened in many cities around the the world, on 21 September, the weekend leading up to the UN climate conference, the goal was to demand urgent action against climate change. It was the largest mobilization for climate in history.

A documentary was made about it, “Disruption” in English with subtitles in eight languages​​, it not only addresses the urgent need to fight global warming but also the importance of people going into the streets to demand politic action.  They emphasize how many achievements in our history were conquered this way.

For more than 24 years scientists have been warning us about the unhealthy relationship between the increase in emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and the temperature of the planet. Why then these emissions have only increased? Why aren’t we taking the necessary actions to reverse this situation that compromises our delicate climate system?

If we lower all the GHG emissions now, the Earth’s temperature would still increase approximately 2 °C. Dear reader, please think carefully: the average body temperature is 36.5°C if it increases by 2 °C reaches 38.5 ° C, which is considered a high fever, in this case it affects our body and its delicate and complex biological system, causing malfunction. Usually, people take the necessary measures to eliminate the fever. Why then, knowing that our planet has a “fever” no concrete actions are being taken to alleviate it?

According to Naomi Klein,  a Canadian journalist and activist, author of “This changes everything: capitalism vs. climate” states that we are stuck, because the actions that would mitigate global warming threatens our economy, politics, media and especially the tiny minority of people who have always managed it all. Is it so hard to realise that our economy is at war with our planet, therefore with us humans?

We inhabitants of the Earth need to wake up and stop pretending that it is not our problem, because it is indeed our responsibility. We need to get out of this ecological amnesia and stop fearing the change and face it, otherwise your children, nephews/nieces, grandchildren, future generations will spend part of their lives escaping and recovering from extreme weather events such as storms and droughts.

This post is an invitation for you to understand a little better what is going on with your house, and to understand that it is also your responsibility to alleviate this fever that threatens everything we love. It is needed to stop the trivialization of the unacceptable!

Links to learn more about it:

Book:  This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate [Naomi Klein]